Ameriplan USA – The Company

What is Ameriplan USA?  Is this an Ameriplan SCAM, or a unique opportunity to earn additional income? 

We needed to take a deep dive into Ameriplan USA, the company behind the name and really understand its business model.  There were many questions that needed to be answered before putting any money into starting an Ameriplan home business.  Of course, you had these questions, but maybe you were unable to find the answers to them, or needed some clarification.  Well, we found the answers and the resources to determine for yourself if the company is indeed an Ameriplan SCAM.

We started our research at the better business bureau and have learned alot about the company from its Ameriplan USA BBB page.  The Ameriplan USA company located in Texas that was formed in 1998 merits an A+ rating from the BBB.  Of course there were a few ameriplan complaints, but due to the size of the organization, the Ameriplan Complaints were minute in comparison.   

Ameriplan started with two brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom providing services for CPA’s in the form of insurance, 401k’s and the like.  They then had an idead for providing some sort of dental plan to their clients.  The Blooms then found reduced-for-fee-services that provided these types of plans to their clients but would only provide them with a 10% commission.  They then thought that they would have a better opportunity to create their own program with greater value for their organization, for the providers, and for the consumers.  In April 1993 the Ameriplan that we know of then came into existance with two Ameriplan IBO’s Dennis and Daniel Bloom.  – Dallas Business Journal

Then came the question, How do you market this product effectively?  Network Marketing!  This MLM created an Ameriplan home business by offering its products to Ameriplan IBO’s or Ameriplan Independent Business Owners.  The Blooms tweaked the traditional program by offering larger incentives up front on the first three levels of the pyramid instead of on the last.  This little tweak gave the Ameriplan IBO the opportunity to build larger residual income in shorter periods of time.  – Network Marketing

Ameriplan USA is a 100% debt free private company. 

The growth of Ameriplan USA continues to climb upwards year after year.  Due to the increase in dental costs and the high cost of dental insurance, the Ameriplan Dental program along with Ameriplan Health continues to foster growth for the foreseable future.  Also, due to the economic climate of high unemployment or insufficient employment, the Ameriplan Home Business better know as the Ameriplan IBO is an extra source of income for the work at home opportunist.

At the company level, Ameriplan USA does not look like an Ameriplan Scam.  It looks like a financially SOLID company with a LONG history of continued GROWTH that will endure over time.

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