Ameriplan Dental

Is ameriplan dental all that it is cracked up to be, or is it an ameriplan scam?

First of all, can the ameriplan dental plan be any good for my family?  Well, the answer is yes and no.  If you already carry dental insurance, then being a part of ameriplan dental may be of no benefit to you.  However, if you do not currently have a dental plan, then ameriplan dental may provide you with a good dental plan alternative.  Due to the downfall of the economy, many organizations are performing cutback on benefits such as dental and health benefits.  Due to this change in the economy, the potential for more people to purchase their own dental plans would increase, thus increasing the opportunity for ameriplan ibo’s.

Do all dentists participate in ameriplan dental?  No.  Not all dentists participate in the plan.  However, there are more than 30,000 dentists that participate in the plan and more than likely one is near you.  You would need to do your homework to find a provider in your area by using the ameriplan provider list tool.

Can ameriplan dental really save as much as it claims for the average consumer year after year?  Of course, it depends on use.  If you and your family usually have large dental bills, then ameriplan dental may provide you with some savings.  The way the plan works is to use the ameriplan providers and they would charge you a pre-negotiated price.  This pre-negotiated price can save the average consumer up to 80% in dental costs.   Of course all routine dental procedures are included such as cleanings, filings, and root canals.  There are also specialists that deal with surgeries and braces for your needs.

The cost of ameriplan dental is approximately $20 per month for the entire family.  This deal gets better and better with the larger the household.  Technically, its for all individuals at one address.  My recomendation is to buy a four family and have all the relatives live their and pay one ameriplan dental membership.  Only kidding, but this is the case for a household membership that is purchased from ameriplan usa.

Of course there will always be ameriplan complaints that deal with unhappy customers.  You would have to read through those ameriplan complaints and decide for yourself if they are valid or just a small percentage of complaining consumers that just want to get something for free.

To sum it up, Ameriplan USA has a good number of providers that save consumers a great deal of money on their dental costs.  However, like anything else, the savings would depend on the number of visits and costs of procedures your family spends in a year.  Ameriplan dental may not be an ameriplan scam.

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